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Monday 16 Al-Muharram 1446 H - July 22, 2024 G

Fatwas about Monetary Transactions

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العنوان استمع الرقم
The sharing of the gift among children 1
The way of taking back unjustly taken money 4
Working in tax services 6
Working in an air transport company in presence of evil things 11
An affair of partnership 90
The agricultural banking subsidy 95
Giving a bribe in order to remove the harm of taxes 96
Buying a house through the bank 98
The ruling concerning selling hairdressing instruments 101
How to get rid of bank interests 104
The earned money through life insurance 106
Dealing with the bank 108
Receiving payment for teaching Qur'an 110
Paying a bribe in need 111
The ruling regarding working in a workshop which would deal in usury 114
The ruling regarding dealing in paper money 115
The ruling concerning commercial insurance 119
The ruling concerning paying taxes with usurious money 120
Concerning cooperating to get a compensation from an insurance company 121
Subsidized participative building 122
The ruling concerning dealing with what is called usratik (your family) to sell computers 123
Working as an accountant 124
Money given by the retiring fund 125
The ruling concerning making shoes having pictures of animals on them 149
The validity of maintaining a building as a way to spend interests of usury 224
The ruling concerning working in companies dealing with banks of usury 255
The ruling concerning of the workers’ gifts 311
The ruling concerning manufacturing ashtrays 377
The ruling concerning working in a workshop whose all tools are from usury-based loans 401
The ruling concerning selling the trousers and the modern suits 410
Concerning borrowing from the person who deposits his money in the bank 437
The ruling concerning importing and selling non-genuine spare parts 439
The transaction in a product whose brand bears a specific symbol 445
Concerning loaning from the Islamic banks 465
Giving preference to one of the children with a gift with his brothers' consent 482
The ruling concerning buying merchandise from the market and selling it in the same market 499
The ruling about working in the Agricultural Insurance Fund 504
The ruling concerning the indemnity from commercial and social insurance 520
In the ruling concerning benefitting from the phone of a company for a personal purpose 522
The ruling concerning of gifts granted for advertising purposes 541
The ruling concerning trading in goods that bear counterfeit trademarks 651
Lawfulness regarding an entrepreneur using the client's money in his building project 677
Buying seized goods by auction 698
Concerning the confusion between the gift and the bribe 727
Concerning possessing a commercial register 822
Being employed by someone whose most earnings are unlawful 834
The ruling regarding acquiring nationality by purchase for a right purpose 856
The ruling concerning selling perfumes and cosmetics (make-up) 1023
The ruling concerning earnest money in selling 1201